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Are you looking for affordable baby bibs to use for events, charities or other promotional purposes?   Finding your perfect vendor can be frustrating.  However here at Babybib.net we have partnered with One2Wear to bring you the highest quality baby bibs at the lowest possible price.  One2Wear offers some of the most competitive wholesale bib prices in the industry and by teaming up with them, we are now able to pass those cost savings along to you.

Of course we all understand how cute and charming babies can be-however they can also be very messy!  If you are running an event that caters towards young parents and young children, consider incorporating One2Wear baby bibs into your event creation plans.  We have assisted dozens of highly visible companies and organizations, such as the US House of Representatives, in creating a promotional plan that caters towards the young family demographic.

The response has been incredible.  Not only are One2Wear baby bibs the perfect item for a marketing plan that targets young parents, baby bibs in general convey compassion and empathy-two terms not often used to describe contemporary marketing and promotional programs.

Why Choose Baby Bibs for your Marketing and Promotional Needs?

A baby bib is something that is needed by every baby.  It is a “must purchase” item for new mothers and fathers.  Everyone needs a baby bib during those first years!  Baby bibs are therefore the easy choice if your event or marketing strategy caters towards this demographic.

Buying wholesale blank baby bibs can help your company or organization save a lot of money-contrasted to purchasing many baby bibs individually.  The order comes from One2Wear, and then we at Babybib.net print your logo, message or picture onto the bib.  Often times we can embroider your design on One2Wear baby bibs as well.

About One2Wear

One2Wear has been recognized world-wide as a leader in high quality clothing products, affordable prices and top notch customer service. One2Wear has retailers all over the globe, including the crew here at Babybib.net.   We trust One2Wear and have been doing business with them for years now.  They provide the quality bibs that have been the basis for countless marketing and event promotions.

Here at Babybib.net we have used One2Wear baby bibs to create highly visible and attractive bibs for blood drives, food drives, fundraisers etc.  The list of potentially viable baby bib marketing/promotional opportunities is extensive.

Baby Bibs | The Perfect Fit for a Prime Demographic

As mentioned above, any event or organization catering to the young family demographic is a perfect fit for taking advantage of the incredible quality and cost savings that One2Wear can offer.

Purchasing wholesale bibs in large quantities from One2Wear allows for steeper discounts and better deals compared to other baby bib wholesalers. With today’s economy people often find themselves cutting back on their marketing and promotional budgets.  Despite slashed budgets we have been able to help many organizations run a successful event.

If you have an important event coming up, allow us to help you make that event a success.  Troubled budgets and finances don’t have to stop your team from making your event or promotion a complete success.

One2Wear and our Babybib.net team can create a wholesale bib package that serves your needs and caters to your budget.  We are seasoned baby bib professionals that strive to make your event one to remember!

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