Create an Impactful Baby Bib Campaign for Your Next Event

wholesale baby bib promotional itemsBaby bibs are without a doubt an essential part of a toddler’s or baby’s wardrobe. There are many different bibs available in the market that a parent can select.  From highly sculpted coverage types to the basic snap on styles, there are many bib styles to consider.

If you’re a first time parent or have kids already, then one of the most exciting and amazing experiences is giving your kid his or her tiny clothes.

So how does all this tie into a successful promotion or marketing campaign?  How can a company or organization take advantage of the empathetic and compassionate tone that a baby bib campaign conveys?

Well lets’ take a closer look and find out…

Why Baby Bibs?

First and foremost let’s take a peek at what a baby bib is really all about. A bib is a piece of clothing which is hung from the neck to protect the shirt from spilt food or drinks.

The benefits of baby bibs are:

1. Bibs protect the baby from skin rashes caused by food spills

A baby’s skin is very sensitive. Every time a baby burps milk or food, there is a chance that the spills might come in contact with his or her skin. This spill can actually cause skin rashes. Even just a little amount of baby food that comes in contact with a baby’s skin can result in allergies and/or rashes. Baby bibs do a solid job of helping to prevent skin rashes due to spilling.

2. Baby bibs are cost-effective

Individual baby bibs do not cost much compared to other items in a baby’s wardrobe.  By purchasing large quantities of wholesale baby bibs, companies and organization can further reduce costs.  Needless to say cost is a determining factor for many of our baby bib clients.

3. Baby bibs protect your baby’s clothes from getting stained

Young parents often have to stretch their dollars in order to fund their little, yet expensive, addition to the family.  Baby bibs help prevent ruined clothing and thus save parents money in the long run.

If you’re company caters towards the young parent demographic, be sure to consider incorporating baby bibs into your marketing, fundraising and promotional campaigns.

Baby bibs for newborns

It is a common misconception amongst parents that baby bibs are reserved for infants who are already eating solid foods-however a newborn baby can actually use a bib as well.

Before buying baby bibs for a newborn, make sure that the item is a perfect fit for your baby. Be sure that the baby bib is designed for new born infants. If you buy baby bibs for a toddler, then it might be too large for a newborn. You also have to make sure that your baby is comfortable with his or her baby bib. It should be easy and painless to put on the bib, and to take the baby bib off.

Baby Bibs for Special Initiatives

Buying baby bibs in mass quantities for promotional purposes, marketing tactics and fundraising events can be very daunting, especially if you are a first time baby bib buyer. Our team at can consult with you as to the best way to go about ordering baby bibs for your particular charity event, fundraiser or program.

We have assisted dozens of charities, governmental agencies and various other organizations in creating an effective and impactful marketing program.  When targeting the new parent and family demographic, we urge you to consider incorporating baby bibs into your campaign.

We have seen the positive results that baby bibs have generated for our clients.  Feel free to ask one of our team members for an example of how we have helped an organization in your chosen niche, and how we can create a specific baby bib plan that caters to your organization’s goals.

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